Common Piano Tuning Questions

We often get asked by our piano students and teachers questions about piano tuning. Is there a mistake in my sheet music, or is my piano just out of tune?

How often should you tune your piano

In general, you should tune your piano every year if you live in a dry region and every 6 months if you live in a humid region.

How much does a piano tuner cost?

Piano tuning tends to cost around $173 on average, according to CostExaminer. This will of course depend on your location - major cities tend to cost more, and if your piuano needs a pitch raise. Students often say that after a piano tuner does a pitch raise, it makes a huge difference in quality of sound.

How do you know if your piano is out of tune?

Try hitting every key and see if there is a wavering note or a note that sounds flat or sharp when it shouldn't be. You can also play a scale like c major and play a recording from youtube to compare.

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